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laboratoire de création


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participants laurie gosselin, guillaume morest

Ce concours vise à repenser l’espace de consommation(boutique) de par sa forme, ses étalages, sa publicité. Cette proposition va plus loin et pose une réflexion sur notre manière d’aborder la consommation. Dans ce projet, les interactions entre le client et le produit sont totalement dépourvus de contact humain. C’est l’artificialité de la consommation qui est mise au premier plan. Une boutique modulable, déplaçable où les produits (vêtements) y sont présentés virtuellement et stockés dans des capsules standardisées telle une machine distributrice de vêtements.

Mirror, Mirror, upon the wall, who is the fairest of all?
ThiS project relormulates the process of shopping and the
organization of the shop In a space. The result IS tranSlates Into an
updatl!<l rev,ew of the convent,onal shop In a compact vend ng and
mobile machine where the boundaries are redefined as the conted
requires. It IS a versat,le shop and a shoppmg space with no
Our reflection on the shop 'wlthout boundary" beqan by focuslnq on
the characteristics descnblnq contemporary society of consumption.
Today, machmes such liS computers are everywhere m our dally lives.
They enable us to purchase virtual reality or real Virtual ty. The border
between the Virtual world and the real world fades encouragmq
automate.:! and mechanl~ed consumption, a so called vlrtUill
consumption. Nowadays, the vlftual store paradOXically takes a very
Important place In the capitalist we rid In spite of thl! few real space It
Meanwhile, the conventional shop Qualifies otherWise. It consists of
an afea of presentat<on and display clothing, fltt<ng rooms, a
warehouse and a che(:kout. It IS obVIOUS that th s store occupies much
m/)re space but It anows dlrf:ct :ontilct With the ploducts.
Now. how can we combine the benefits and performance of the Virtual
store and those of tht. conventional shop, mt( iI slnq
high performance s op
The operation of the hl9h pedormance shop IS dlv,ded Into two parts.
T~ fin;t part IS a compact verSion of the conventional shop. [t
mclu.:!ed a section payment and storilgl! of thl! qoods. Products ilf
stored 10 capsules stilrked 10 that space where each -olor IS a type of
The secon.:! part s the Virtual shop. The modules undulate at different
heights dependlnq on the POSition of the product presentation. Two
screens make up the ,nterface of these modules Corrugated sectton
prOject on a Interactive screen Virtual models from the clothln
coUectlons for sale, while the other section prOject In real time. With a
storecam Video 1m qe 01 the consumer.
Our shop machine may be composed of one or more modules as
needed and as space requirements and permlt~ It Is found In the c,ty
both IOslde lind outSide. The bright and distinctIVe aspf'tt of thiS st( re
IS a landmark In the ur oiIn space.
ThiS shop machine ,s Standardized! economiC and save~ manpower
and space. The module "warehouse Wi ll be replefllshed when there's
need. Thl! milch,"e shop allows a ma:omum Inventory 10 a minimum
of space
Currently, the shop .s anonymous, but that obJ -an certainly
become urban advertiSing (on th ',lteral Sides of the m( :lules) for the
company who adopt:...